Lameri is a manufacturer of flakes, flour and extruded cereals designed for bakery and biscuits industries, as well as semi-finished products with soya basis. Decorticated cereals are suitable to prepare soups while crispy extruded cereals are usually employed to produce cereal bars, to enrich chocolate, or as cheese and meat coating.
While puffed and crispy cereals are usually used to enrich yogurt and ice cream.
Decorticated cereals are indicated to prepare vegetable soups rich in fiber and low in fats.
Flakes and cereals are employed in the recipes of bread, biscuits and snacks bringing flavor, fibers and minerals.
Extruded cereals and crushed flakes used for coating to make cheese and meats crispy reducing fat absorption.
Extruded cereals and whole or crushed flakes give a crispy taste to chocolate, used in the recipes for both sportive people and healthy bars.
Known since ancient times, soya combines to positive nutritional values a technological flexibility.
Greedy colorful decorations made with coated puffed cereals and crispy, enrich yogurt, ice cream and festivity products.