Joined by the same sweet passion!
Lameri S.p.A. has been transforming and trading cereals since 1968.
Over the years, thanks to a strong family tradition capable to combine past and modernity, this Company has been able to expand its activities with a cutting-edge manufacturing improvement in the food industry.
Together with Lameri S.p.A., Secondo Vergani and the company Dolciaria Gadeschi joined the group, they’re well-known companies specialized in the confectionery industry in Cremona.
LAMERI S.p.A. has been transforming breakfast cereals and semi-finished products for the industry since 1968, offering a complete range of products suitable for nutritional and healthy requirements of children, adults and sportive people.
Is a well-known Company in Cremona, famous for the production of nougat, mustard and chocolate pralines.
Specialized in the production of typical Italian biscuits, such as macaroons, meringues and cantuccini, as well as semi-finished products for the major confectionery and ice-cream companies.